Head Mistress Message

When my pen glides to voice rich feelings and noble sentiments at this historic juncture, I bow in veneration to the Almighty, for the streams of blessings through the past 60 years of our service at Stella Maris. I recall with deep gratitude the noble ‘architects’ who contributed their precious share in the making of the school. My heartfelt thanks to all our revered ‘pioneers’ and ‘pillars’ of the school who with their vision and passion offered secure shelter to generation of students who will ever bow their heads in veneration for all the rich blossoms they have gathered from this Mansion of Education.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” - Aristotle.

Yes, education is much more than the syllabus oriented learning or class room teaching of different topics. We need to realize that education means growing together and not growing separately. Hence our journey continues and the path is never ending. Let us gird our loins as ‘we have miles to go before we sleep’. Let us pray in unison to Mary – the Star of the sea, so that Stella Maris continues to emerge out as the cradle of great minds to disseminate the message of love, friendship and brotherhood, channelized through moral, ethical and intellectual upliftment and thus contribute our little share to place our students on secure footing making them to shine ‘LIKE UNTO A STAR’.

As we celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of our educational institution our main aim as the Editorial Board of this Souvenir was to provide opportunities to our students to exhibit their talents and creativity and develop themselves as humane persons with a great vision for the future. This Souvenir presents to you the articles, poems, anecdotes, and experience at Stella Maris pen downed by the students, exstudents and the teachers.

There can be no achievement without co-operation and goodwill of others. I express my sincere thanks to the Editorial Board, without whose generosity of heart and ready help, this task could not have been complete. Thanks to the invaluable help offered by the Ex-Students, parents, friends, and benefactors as a part of our Stella Maris family. We acknowledge with gratitude the messages received from the ecclesial, religious and civil authorities.

Come on….. go back into the memory lane as you turn the pages of our Diamond Jubilee Special: “STARLITE”.

Sr.Irene Gracy Menezes
Head Mistress of Stella Maris School