About Us

Stella Maris School, Gayathri Devi Park Extension, Bangalore – 560003, is a permanently recognized institution by the Government of Karnataka and is managed by the Sisters of Charity Education Society. Stella Maris School is essentially a minority institution consisting of English and Kannada Senior Primary School and High School. The curriculum of the Karnataka DSERT is followed and students are prepared for the S.S.L.C Examination. The history of Stella Maris School goes back to 1957 when it was founded by the “Sisters of Charity Education Society, Mangalore” with the sole objective of providing disciplined education to young children and making them good and loyal citizens. The focus was on the girls from the neighbouring areas of Vyalikaval in Bangalore , particularly those belonging to the weaker sections of society. Stella Maris School started with just 27 pupils in four classes of primary school in a small rented house near the Corporation Grounds, Vyalikaval and started to grow steadily from its inception. In response to demands from the local community it introduced English medium in the primary section in 1960 and received permanent recognition for its Kannada medium classes in 1961. 1962 was a landmark year in its evolution as it opened its high school as well as nursery sections in that year. Today thanks to the vision, will, services and sacrifices of several women of hallowed memory, Stella Maris School has come to offer total basic education from LKG to 10 th Standard through its four wings: Nursery School; Kannada Higher Primary; English Higher Primary and High School. It aims at integrated spiritual, moral, social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the student's personalities with equal emphasis on curricular, co curricular and extra curricular education.

 Educational visions :
In imitation of Jesus the Redeemer who gives Himself to us, educates and saves us within our own history, the congregation of the Sisters of Charity founded by St. Bartolomea Capitanio in 1832 in Italy considers education of the young especially of the most needy as its main purpose to express the charity of Christ to humanity. Educational activities in our school are based on the spiritual experiences of our foundress. Therefore we aim at creating an atmosphere that gives to our students and collaborators a deep spiritual experience which will enable them to be imbued with the sense of the divine, to build up their lives in obedience to truth be guided by right values and be courageous to stand by their convictions. We train the young to be persons for others, individuals who with an attitude of service, work for the liberation of the poor and the oppressed as promoters of peace and unity by their tolerance and compassion. Our Institutions strive at the formation of persons, intellectually competent, who think critically, act effectively in various situations of life and are emotionally well balanced, radiating happiness and contentment all around. Therefore our schools seek a whole – hearted co-operation of parents and consider them as partners in our mission of charity in creating a just and humane society.

 Aims & Objectives :
The charism of charity is a special gift which St.Bartlomea Capitanio received from the Divine Spirit and transmitted to us for the good of the human society.

Inspired by her spirit, we strive to form our students to be:

God oriented – so that they become persons of prayer who realize that God is a need in their lives at all times, acknowledge Him as the Father of all people, and build up relationship with Him and with all their brethren. Value oriented – who are morally upright, guided by Christian principles and courageous to live by their convictions. The other oriented – who are socially concerned, sacrificing themselves for the liberation of the poor and oppressed, through selfless service in view of building up a just society. Wisdom oriented – so as to enrich their learning with needed skills, preventing it from being merely intellectual and facilitating their growing ability to reason reflectively, logically and critically. Positively oriented – towards life, through an emotionally balanced disposition, radiating happiness and contentment among them.

S – Service
T – Truth
E – Excellence
L – Love
L – Learning
A – Affability
M – Modesty
A – Availability
R – Righteousness
I – Industry
S – Simplicity