Mother Annamaria Viganò Message

 I gladly join you, Staff and Students of “Stella Maris High School”, in your rejoicing over its life and blessings from the Lord.

As we look back on the past sixty years over which a simple, courageous commitment to impart value based education to the little ones of the locality, has grown into a fl ourishing Institution, eager and prepared to give holistic education to its students. As a result, little deeds of intelligent care and genuine love have prepared thousands of children and bigger girls for facing the dark areas of their days and shedding bright light on their talents and capacities, making of them worthy citizens of their Country.

Purposeful lives of Teachers and Students have left their mark on the developing history of the Institution they belong to, making them fi t and proud to do their very best.

May the years that pass by enhance the beauty and usefulness of “Stella Maris High School” through its commitment to seek guidance and protection from Mary, the ‘Morning Star’. Milan, 8 September 2017

Mother Annamaria Viganò
The Superior General