Parents Orientation

Every child needs educational and psychological guidance to perform well in all fields. There is a need to arrange programmes of guidance and counselling, involving activities which encourage and support the child for all-round development and blossoms as a good citizen. Organizing parent orientation programmes is a very good concept which helps all the parents to improvise their kids in better way.

We know that bringing up a child is not an easy task. It needs continuous attention of both parents and teacher. In fact, I felt it true when I was attending parent orientation programme.

Every year the School Management invites a good and popular Resource person of different specialization relating to education. He or she has given us lot of suggestions, thoughts, various views to inculcate ourselves to align our children on right path. Different tips to encourage the children to concentrate on studies, to develop friendly relationship with the parent, family members and peer groups. Emphasize more on the biological, psychological and behavioural changes of the teenage children and guide us as to how to handle them skillfully and importance of ethics and morality in one’s life, impact of modern smart gadgets and realize its importance to make them useful for studies.

This orientation programme provides us lot of opportunities to discuss about different issues, difficulties we come across while making them to lead a proper life. As we often feel very tough handling children, this opportunity facilitates us like a wakeup call and empathize on right direction and gives moral courage. It helps us to discuss all issues freely under one roof and find solution easily from field experts.

Being a parent, I felt it is a very good concept to gather lot of information under one roof and lessen my burden as a parent.