Sr. Rosy Cutinha Message

 As Stella Maris, Educational Institutions stand shining brightly in the Diamond Jubilee splendour, it gives me immense joy to convey my heartiest Congratulations and best wishes to all of you. With deep gratitude to God, I recall the inspiration, hard work, and dedicated service of Rev. Sr. Maria Colella - the pioneer and her successors in shaping and nurturing the sapling planted in 1957. As the school is dedicated to God and humanity, it has shaped the destiny of thousands of students. I appreciate the commended service of all the teaching and non-teaching staff members in imparting quality education to the students for the last 60 years.

With my one year of experience here at Stella Maris and from my close observation, I can boldly say that she is faithful to the foundress of the Sisters of Charity – St. Bartolomea Capitanio’s vision of education and is committed to form our students as God oriented, value oriented, other oriented, wisdom oriented and positively oriented towards life.

I look at the institution and numerous children walking in daily with heavily laden bags, endless homework, examinations, competitions and lot more. Yet I feel they will not regret for having come under the infl uence of Stella Maris for they also drink deeply from the fount of knowledge and build up their life and personality.

This is an age of achievement, provided one perseveres in whatever she or he tries. It is said success is sold in the open market. You and I can buy it. In fact, anyone can buy it provided one is willing to pay the price. Great men and women were not great when they were born, nor when they started their career, but made themselves great by learning, learning and learning.

The process of education is indeed challenging, but all of us soon enough realize that what it demands is worth, valuable, priceless and noteworthy as it expedites an all-round growth of children. I positively believe education is a prime tool to help the young to move from where they are to where they ought to be. This is exactly what Stella Maris does.

I implore God’s graciousness on all our loyal staff members, enthusiastic students, generous parents and co-operative well-wishers. May His loving gaze rest upon all those who consider Stella Maris is their own and they are hers.

With good wishes and prayerful greetings,

Sr. Rosy Cutinha
Stella Maris Educational Institutions